We are convinced that standard strategies can not meet the requirements of many market participants. That’s why we’re taking a different path and combining traditional ideas with our practical experience. Our offer in research and coaching is based on mentioned practical experiences over many years as well as many years of study of the markets. In doing so, we increasingly support our customer groups such as selected and wealthy private clients, banks, brokers, asset managers or even family offices, private banking and wealth management. The core group also includes heavy traders.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have created a Research & Education platform with ProCTR that leaves nothing to be desired. As digital as necessary, as human as possible.

Our Capital Markets Network

Our commitment to being in the best sense of our customers is the foundation of our strategy. We believe that successful investing is not just limited to optimizing returns in every market situation, but also to providing an idea network. By generating attractive investment ideas that meet long-term performance, risk and efficiency goals, we build on strategic partnerships. Our extensive and international network is available to our customers. We support clients by developing ideas and seeking innovative solutions to achieve goals and implement strategies. We help them adapt portfolios to the new reality. We also assist our clients with IPO, pre-IPO, equity, secondary placements, structured products issues.